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Protección de la apariencia y creación de un activo

Trademark (Spanish Law)
A trade mark means any sign or means used to distinguish products or services from a person (physical or legal) from products or services similar to those of another person.
With the registration is acquired its protection; Which is not achieved with the simple previous use.
Its maximum duration is indefinite and its rights are renewed every ten years from the date of application.


-COMMERCIAL NAME: Name to identify a company in its commercial activity and that distinguishes it from identical or similar activities. Yours is indefinite and your rights are renewed every ten years from the date of application
-INVESTIGATION: Request the investigation before proceeding to the application of a trademark or trade name.


European Brand (EUIPO)
All signs which may be the subject of a graphic representation, in particular words, including names of persons, letters, numbers, or graphic representations, may be set up as European trade marks.
Your application allows you to protect it by means of a single registration in the entire territory of the European Union, ie the 28 member countries.
Its unitary character grants you as the exclusive right that will allow you to prohibit third parties from using your brand in all commercial activities.
The unitary character of the European Mark simplifies procedures while reducing costs.
The duration of the European Mark is 10 years from the filing date of the application. Registration can be renewed indefinitely for periods of 10 years.


International Brand (WIPO)
Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol is a procedure for obtaining the registration of a trademark in any State signatory to the Madrid Agreement and / or Protocol. It is required as a precondition that the mark is registered or requested in the country of origin.


Advantages of registering a brand

  • Protects the value of the brand

  • Defend against rival brands

  • Define your rights

  • Prevents counterfeiting and fraud



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