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Protección de la apariencia y creación de un activo

Intellectual Property / Copyright
Intellectual property is a type of property that belongs to the author by the mere fact of creating a literary, artistic or scientific work (art. LPI) which confers rights and personal and economic nature, consisting of the full readiness and exclusive right to exploit the work without further limitations than those established by law. This implies that the work can not be used without prior authorization of the author onerous free.
The author is also entitled to exclusive rights of exploitation of the work in any form. The main ones are:


  • Reproduction: fixation of the work in a media and obtaining copies.

  • Distribution: making available to the public the original or copies.

  • Public Communication: any act by which a plurality of people can have access to the work without prior distribution of copies.

  • Transformation: translation, adaptation and any other alteration of the form from which a different work is derived.


The exploitation rights last for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years after death, at which point the work becomes public domain and can be used by anyone provided it respects the authorship and integrity.
The exploitation rights are transmissible to any natural or legal person. Any assignment was formalized in writing and a public deed.




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